Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Year Nerves

It is the middle of September and this first year teacher is starting her career as a Kindergarten teacher!!!  Being a first year teacher is one thing. Being a first year teacher starting the job in the middle of the first semester is another. The anxiety of having only two days to work on my classroom and to observe the other kindergartens was filling me with fear. As I quickly prepared my class with the essentials, I made sure to add enough decorative touch. If anything, I wanted to be sure my room was a little cute. I met my students who would be coming from three different classrooms. As we had a little pow wow on the floor, we shared our names and what we were looking forward to. Even after talking with them, I am sure that they did not fully grasp the concept. I knew that these five and six year olds were going to be quite confused come Monday when they were in a new room with new friends.

I knew my room was going to be an ongoing challenge considering I like to rearrange and change designs frequently. With that being said, I think in two days, I managed to create a very lovely room! Now all I needed was the students!

Monday rolled around and the nerves were real. I eagerly arrived at work a good hour and fifteen minutes before necessary. As I looked around the room, I tried to see if there were any last minute changes that needed to take place. When 8:15 came around, I went to the gym to meet my students. I looked down at the 18 faces staring back at me and reality hit; I am a real teacher!!

The morning flew by as we learned classroom procedures and were introduced to the classroom and each other. By the end of the day, we were all smiles and a sense of accomplishment filled the room.