Monday, February 29, 2016

Peek at My Week!

Monday is here and I am in shock that it is already March (well, tomorrow is)! This year could not be flying any faster! This week is a short week for me because I will be heading to the ILASCD Conference in Schaumburg, IL (EEK YAY!!) which means sub plans (ick!). I know my little rays will be just fine with a sub but at the same time it kills me to leave them for two days!!! You can bet I will be hugging them a little too tight when they leave on Wednesday ;) Anywho, here is my Peek at My Week! Check out what my little rays will be focusing on this week. When you're done, head over to my teaching twin's blog Beginnings With Baer to see what is going on with her firsties!!!

We are continuing with digraphs and blends as well as making connections with stories we are reading. We will be working on some small Dr. Seuss stuff this week as well! Our stations for Daily Five are ready for some SPRING cleaning so I will be introducing a few new activities for my kiddos!

We have done a lot of work with base ten and composing numbers in the teens so now it is time to break it on down! We will be turning our focus from creating teen numbers and making connections with base ten to breaking apart teen numbers and showing their relationship via base ten blocks. I am super excited to see how we rock it out!

March 2nd this week AKA EVERY ELEMENTARY TEACHER'S FAVORITE DAY. We get to celebrate the wonderful man, Dr. Seuss (aka Theodore Geisel)! We will do a brief introduction this week along with some activities before we SEUSSIFY our room and hallway for a two week unit on Dr. Seuss books! I am THRILLED! This is probably one of my top favorite units to do (for obvious reasons!) Stay tuned to see what we do to celebrate!

We have been working on our WIZARD WRITING and every student in room 103 is currently enrolled in Miss K's Writing School for Wizards. At the end of each day, we get our wizards attire on (hats, robes, wands, and all!) We have focused on quite a few elements of writing so far, such as how to write a complete sentence and how to add details to a sentence. My little rays have done an AMAZING job. I am so impressed with the writing I have seen and cannot wait to see what we will have this week! We will be working on editing a sentence, sharing with peers, and using descriptive writing to share about our favorite things.

Thanks for checking out my Peek at My Week!! Be sure to head over to Beginnings With Baer to see what she has planned for her week :)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Scoop: 02/28/16

Happy Sunday, friends!!! Time to link up with Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop! It is crazy how the weeks just keep flying by! I am eagerly welcoming the warmer weather and am not the least bit sad about saying bye-bye to winter! Check out what my scoop for the week is!

I have to finish sub lesson plans for Thursday and Friday! I also have to get my car oil changed and change out my wardrobe from winter to SPRING! Something I have to do AND love to do ;)

I hope to get my plans finalized for our Dr. Seuss unit and all the materials I will need for the activities we will be doing with it! I also hope to spend some time with family!

Go to the ILASCD Kindergarten Conference in Schaumburg, IL! SO, SO excited to take two days to see workshops and presentations by some of my FAVORITE blogging inspirations!!!

Thanks for checking out my scoop! Head back over to Teaching Trio to link up and share your scoop!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Peek at My Week!

Back with Beginnings With Baer (AKA MY AMAZING TEACHING TWIN) for a Peek at My Week!! Check out what my little rays have in store for them and comment what you are up to in your room!!

We are continuing our work with digraphs and blends in our morning activities and reading! We have been working with our partner class (Life in the Fast Lane) to listen to words that have digraphs or blends in them and the students with the correct letters have to get up and get into the right order! It has been amazing to see the kiddos who it clicks with and who we need to work more with! We are also working on making connections in our reading and writing!

BASE TEN! I love me some base ten! The previous two weeks, we focused on 10 and some more and have now successfully moved onto base ten! My kiddos (AND I) love how interactive base ten can be! Whether we use giant pool noodles, manipulatives, or engaging activities, such as I Have, Who Has, my little rays are so into it!

We are learning all about how to keep our teeth happy and healthy! Focusing on the healthy foods and drinks that are important in our diet is a main idea. My students were quite quick at point out "Miss K, didn't you say soda was not good for your teeth or your body?"  "Uhm, yes, yes I did." Yikes, Miss K! You sure drink a lot of that stuff. Are you going to lose your teeth soon?" LOL! Hope not!!!!

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF WIZARD WRITING! We just started a new unit on writing and our theme is, yep you guessed it, WIZARDS! We will be working on capitalization, details, and punctuation through a variety of themed lessons (Potion for a Perfect Sentence, Details Brew, Crystal Ball Capitalization). Stay tuned for a post about that and some fun pictures!!

Thanks for checking out my Peek at My Week! Be sure to head on over to Beginnings With Baer to see what is going on in her first grade class!!!!

Happy Last Week of February!!! Much love friends!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Peek at My Week!

It is seriously crazy how it is already February. I mean, seriously, WHERE HAS TIME GONE?!?! We are back to Monday, so my teaching twin, Beginnings With Baer, and myself are sharing our Peek at My Week with you!!!! This Peek at My Week will give you a glimpse into what we will be teaching in our classrooms for the week!

In ELA, we will be focusing on our long vowels, specifically long U!! We will incorporate this into our daily journals as well as whole group instruction! We will also be continuing to learn about digraphs. This week, I plan to do more instruction focused on blends. We are really working hard to get our sight words mastered by using Heidi's Songs!

We are starting 10 and some more!! Teen numbers are one of my favorite things to teach in math. We started today by doing a pre assessment to see what we knew! I got some really creative results (lol!) and it makes me that much more excited to teach the concept! We will be doing a lot of interactive and hands-on learning to really target the skills!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we will be focusing many of our writing tasks and S.S/Science block on compassion! We will have our Friendship Day party on Friday to celebrate friendship and love! Students will be decorating boxes and passing out valentine's for their friends. Of course there will be fun treats ;)

We are going to be writing up a storm in room 103. I want to really strengthen my kiddo's writing skills. They seem to get the hang of uppercase letters and punctuation, but the spacing and complete sentences need a little bit more help ;) We will do some whole group copy writing to get a hang of spacing as well as some partner writing activities!

Thank you for checking out my Peek at My Week!! Be sure to head over to Beginnings With Baer's blog to see what Room 105 is up to this week!!!