Monday, December 28, 2015

Who Doesn't Like Cute Shirts??

If you know me, you know I LOVE tshirts. Long sleeved, short sleeved, you name it, I love it! I have a few drawers thag are dedicated soley to tshirts. My grade school, high school, and college tshirts definitely take the majority! However, I have so many other fun tshirts that are perfect for everyday wear!

One shirt I want to brag about for a hot second is my Teacher Blogger shirt that I got for FREE (yes, reread that) from A+ Images! They had an amazing promotion earlier this year that allowed teacher bloggers to design their short based off of their logo and colors! The ease of ordering and QUICKNESS with shipping are two amazing reasons why I loved working with them! The shirt was amazingly soft and exactly what I pictured! The quality of my blog design was picture perfect!! I can't wait to work with them again and HIGHLY recommend them for your next shirt order!

THANKS AGAIN A+ Images for keeping me stylish and being so awesome!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Five For Friday!

WE DID IT!!! Here we are on the last Friday of the 2015 school year!! At the beginning of the week, I wasnt sure we would make it!

Nothing starts a Friday off better than a little Five for Friday, thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for the linkup :)

We got to find out elf in quite a few places this week!! He has kept us busy and on our toes with our behavior! He leaves little notes and reminders that totally have helped my kiddos remember the expectations! Nothing has been as much fun as seeing my little rays look all around excitedly trying to find where Candy Cane is each day!

I am a huge fan of dressing up on any occasion, but getting decked out in holiday attire is just my absolute favorite!!! This year, I donned a new soft and fuzzy red tree skirt! I paired it with my 'Happy Holla Days' shirt and candy cane socks! Topped it off with my cheetah hat and life was GOOD!!! My kiddos loved it!!

We worked hard on composing and decomposing and my little rays did an awesome job crating story problems! I came up with a quick assessment/craftivity to see how well they were comprehending, and boy did they surprise me! The candy cane number sentences turned out amazing!!

On Thursday, we had our PBIS celebration to honor the students who continuously show school expectations! One of the crafts that the kids made were stained glass snowflake art! They were so pretty!

Not only did we have the PBIS celebration, but we also made SNOW! All four kindergartens gathered in the hallway and got busy (and dirty) playing with the snow we made! (Baking soda and conditioner!) So easy and SO fun!!

How was your week???? Make sure to link up and share :)


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

I love me some Sundays! I get to take a deep breath, look at my week ahead, and tell myself, "You CAN conquer this week!" I also LOVE linking up with The Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop!! I am ready to take this last (insane, crazy, chaotic, fun filled) week before break on!

I have to finish my Christmas shopping! Leave it to me to still have lots to do and only two weeks left! Luckily, I know just what I need for most everyone. There is something about the hustle and bustle of being around all the holiday shoppers that I love/hate to put myself into! I also have to get laundry done. It is my most dreaded chore. Surviving the week is a MUST! There are too many fun things to do at school that I have to make it to Friday at 2:45. Then HELLO Christmas Break!

I have a list bigger than Santa's list I am sure of it! Between shopping, preparing for the holidays, lesson plans, activities for my kiddos, and more, I feel like I will never reach the end ;) I hope to do a little R&R this week as well! Sometimes I forget to take my chill pill and end up frazzled: NOT THIS WEEK!!

Is there anything better than a potluck?!?! YES! A Potluck & Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!!! One of my most favorite days of the year!!!!! I go a little untraditional and opt for a tree skirt and holiday shirt and this year I am SO excited! I got my new skirt and am beyond ready to spin around the halls in it!!!! Plus, eating yummy food that lasts us the whole week???? DOUBLE WIN!!

I can already assume that this week is going to be filled with lots for all teachers! Here is a friendly reminder: YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

What does your week look like??? Don't forget to link up and share!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peek at my Week!

At the blink of an eye, the weekend goes by and it is time to get ready for the week ahead!!

This week, we are going to continue learning about holidays all around the world! We will learn about celebrations and traditions for Hanukkah, Italy, the Netherlands, and Canada! So far, my kiddos have LOVED learning about what other kids celebrate. It has given us the opportunity to talk more about how we are all unique and have different views, but can still be friends! I have been so impressed with their comparing and contrasting the different kind of holiday celebrations. They are seriously getting too smart ;)

My little rays have been knocking it out of the ballpark when it comes to Daily Five! Their transitions are getting smoother and smoother each day and their work is getting even more impressive! The questions have dwindled (we are working on it a LOT!) and their focus is getting better!

We are continuing with composing and decomposing numbers in math. I am planning on LOTS of partner work this week! Kagan strategies will be implemented in room 103! I love using team strategies because it has given us opportunities to bond and have a strong sense of unity! My little rays are working hard to be assistants rather than tell their partner how wrong they are. Using these strategies has helped my kiddos to be respectful and responsible of their learning! 

Our classroom elf, Candy Cane, treated us very nicely last week with surprise treats, a new movie, and silly notes! We can't wait to see where he will be this week! 

Friday. Oh boy! Friday is a day that has an agenda all of it's own. For starters, it is Cuddle & Compassion Day! Students can wear pajamas and donate to St. Jude in honor of a former student. Not only will we be out of uniform, but it is also POLAR EXPRESS DAY!! Hands down one of my most favorite days! We read the story on Thursday and then transform our hallway into a train station for a 'private' showing of the movie! We get together with our buddy class and watch the Polar Express while we enjoy hot chocolate in our pjs! Does it get better?? Well if by better, you mean crazy, yes!! After the movie, we will eat lunch and come back to have our Winter Festival party! Students will play games, make a craft, and enjoy a snack. We also have a speaker coming in to talk about dental health. We should probably apologize in advance for having the hot chocolate ;) it is going to be a LONG day full of some chaos and laughter and as daunting as it seems, I have to admit I love it!!!! 

It will be a crazy week (but aren't they all??) full of new learning and plenty of celebration! 

What does your week look like??

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Five For Friday!

Wow! What a week!! Sometimes TGIF couldn't be more true ;) I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday!!

This week has been full of surprises from the North Pole and trips around the world!

We received a package on Monday straight from the North Pole! Our class was gifted an elf to watch us for Santa!! My kiddos LOVED receiving this special guy and couldn't wait to name him! After quite a few interesting requests, we finally settled on Candy Cane! We love our daily surprises from him and have been working hard to stay focused and quiet while we work so that he won't leave! I have *yet* to have a student touch or attempt to touch him (don't ask me how!) We can't wait to continue getting visits from Candy Canes!

Graduate School- Here I come!!! After taking a year off of school, I am headed back to Bradley University to get my Master's! After speaking with my advisor and board director, I am THRILLED to be continuing my education. I can't wait to be opened up to new strategies and studies in education!

My sweet little baby dog is almost a year old! I would have NEVER thought of myself of having a dog, especially when I can hardly handle my own self, but this pup has been AMAZING! Now, waking up before 5 to walk him and standing in the snow for him to find his 'spot' are not my favorite, but I will do it for him ;)

We started our unit for Holidays around the world! So far we have learned about the United States and Christmas, gone to Germany to hear about St. Nicholas and gingerbread houses, and are about to learn some more about Kwanzaa! My kiddos love pretending that we are going on a trip (well, some actually thought we were headed to Germany, but that is another reason to love kinders!!) Our hallway is decked out with a giant flying plane ready to take us where we need to go! Next week will take us to many other countries and traditions!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I don't know about you, but I LOVE the holiday season!! Christmas music is on repeat EVERYWHERE I go (car, bedroom, kitchen, classroom) Seriously, how could you not love it? The love and kindness that fills the air in December is something I wish I could bottle up and save forever! I love watching the holiday television shows *cough*cough*ABC Family's 25 Days Until Christmas*! Above all else, everyone has a sense of unity, no matter their belief. I cherish my faith and look forward to this time of year drawing myself and my family even closer to Christ! What a time to reflect and be thankful for all the opportunities we are blessed with!!

How was your week?!? Be sure to link back up and share your Five for Friday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Currently!

I am linking up with Farley for the DECEMBER currently! Yes, you read that right! It is December!!! I am not sure if it is time travel or what, but this year is FLYING by!
December is a month full of holiday celebrations and new traditions that I am just LOVING!!!

Check out my currently below!

Link on up and share all of your CURRENTLY things!

Happy December to all :)