Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What Worked Well Wednesday: Mini Books

I am SO excited to be linking up with Kinder Tribe to take part in What Worked Well Wednesday!! After racking my brain on what to use for this post, I thought of something that I learned recently at the ILASCD Conference and have since implemented!

My students have always enjoyed our writing station during Daily Five. Whether they are doing a write the room, practicing sight words or other activities, they are always engaged and active the whole time. Towards January/February, however, we were kind of hitting a wall! We needed something new and exciting to add some flavor to our writing station. I attended the IL ASCD Conference In the beginning of March and BOOM it hit me! It was actually in the FIRST session that I learned about the newest addition to station: MINI BOOKS! (Pictures will be added!!!)

I was intrigued the moment that Sarah Howe started talking about the mini books and new that they would be a hit! The whole idea behind a mini book is that the students are practicing their parts of a book, being authors and illustrators, and gaining confidence in their writing!

Mini books are essentially 4-8 square pages (and easily less or more to differentiate) of paper stapled together on one side. (Again, pictures WILL be added ;) ) My students are allowed to choose any appropriate topic to write about. We always review how our words and pictures need to correspond and that a pretty picture needs COLOR! At the beginning we were a little stuck on what to write about, but since they have gotten used to it, I have seen SO many different kinds of stories! They are SO proud of their writing and always ask if they can show me, another teacher, or their friends what they produced.

We use the mini books in other areas besides Daily Five. When we read There's a Wocket in My Pocket, we made our own mini book using new rhymes to go along with the book! It was such a fun activity and my little rays loved showing their parents during conferences!

Pictures will be added tomorrow (I am a little scatter-brained!!!)!!

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