Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tell All Tuesday 2.0: 7/12/16

I am so excited that the summer linky party with Teach, Talk, Inspire and My Day in K is back!! I love their linky topics and linking up with so many fun teachers! It has been a busy summer so getting back in the game with these fun summer linky is just what I need!!!

I am excited to kick it off with sharing two truths and one lie! Have fun and good luck trying to figure out which is which ;)

1. Originally when I went into college, I wanted to teach high school.

2. My favorite food is cheeseburgers.

3. When I worked at a local ice cream shop, we were robbed and held at gun point. 

Believe it or not, it is actually really hard to come up with these!!
Which is my lie?!? Leave a comment with your guess!
Thanks for checking out my post! Make sure to link back up and share your Tell-All-Tuesday fun!


  1. Oh Wow Molly! I hope number 3 is your Lie! How Scary!
    Thank you for sharing!
    It’s Kinder Time

  2. Pretty sure, two is wrong!!! We shall see!

  3. This was tricky! I'm going to have to guess #1 :) And I agree, it was so hard coming up with a lie! Haha.

  4. My word, I sincerely hope that #3 is the lie! Yikes!
    Laughter and Consistency

  5. I hope it is #3. Yikes!!!!
    Sunshine, Sand and Scissors

  6. I think 2 is the lie.

    If 1 is true, I started on that path too!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

  7. Hi Molly! Thank you so much for joining our linky party! Every time I head to your blog it makes me smile, it's so happy and fun! I hope that #3 is your lie, yikes! Hope you'll join us again next week!

  8. Hi Molly, thanks for joining us again this summer. It was so fun to read your post and your blog always makes me smile. I was going to say number 3 is the lie. I hope that it is not true at least!