Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Twin Tuesday!

Here we are back again for Twin Tuesday!!! If this is your first time reading about twin tuesday, head back to my original twin tuesday post to find out what it is all about!

This weeks topic: DAILY FIVE

Daily Five was a time of day last year that I really wanted to improve on. I had daily five, but the time management of it and the success wasn't as strong as I would have liked. We only had 25 minutes, it was right after prep, and it was my first year so I was testing a whole bunch of things. This year, I knew things had to change! When I began thinking about Daily Five, I knew I wanted to have different areas in the room dedicated to each station and differentiated to meet each students' needs. I wanted my students to be successful, independent, and confident in their work. I also wanted to make sure that I was using differentiation APPROPRIATELY! I mean, you can differentiate anything, but if it isn't targeted for your CURRENT students needs, than it is seemingly pointless!!

Before we started our real stations, we spent two weeks practicing working in a team and rotating. I wanted to make sure that our transitions were smooth and quiet and that my little rays worked on their problem solving skills as a team. They impressed me A WHOLE LOT! I was seriously surprised at how they well they worked together! I definitely knew it was time to introduce real stations.

The stations we have in our room are: Read to Self, Meet With Teacher, Technology, Word Work, and Listening Center.

For read to self, we practiced how to choose a perfect fit book. I introduced fun fingers and pointers to help track and whisper phones. My kiddos were wild about it!! They explore a variety of books and will be ready to take AR tests in a few weeks (hopefully!!!)

Meet with teacher is one that I am excited about (I know, why would I be excited about this one??) This is the station that provides me with an opportunity to sit with a small group and target our objectives. I get to work closely with each group and get to know my little rays even more!! I can narrow what skills we specifically need to work on and assess where they are. I love the small group differentiation because through meeting with me, I am able to challenge students as well aid those who are in need of support.

Our technology center features two different resources. We have two classroom iPads and two classroom computers. The students are able to work on all devices using games and activities that help with fluency, letter identification, syllables, rhyming, and letter sounds! My kids probably would vote this the best station! The ability to add new apps and find resources with technology is so beneficial to learning. I find that my kinders are more engaged when learning through technology so using this station has been a big plus for this year!!

Our word work changes from month to month and is designed specifically for each group. For example, I have one group that has activities focused on letter identification. I have groups that work on letter sounds, CVC words, syllables, rhyming, and sight words. These stations allow me to put materials that are individualized for the group that is working with it. The amount of collaboration, questioning techniques, and problem solving that I get to witness through listening to my little rays at the word work station is quite amazing!!

Our listening center is our final station. We have two classroom iPods that our PTO graciously purchased for us. The iPads have over forty books that are read to the students. They can follow along in a book as well as listen with a partner to retell the story.

I am LOVING daily five this year!! Not only do we have more time, but we practiced the routine so thoroughly that my kids show so much more success than last year!!

How does first grade do daily five?? HEAD ON OVER TO MY TEACHING BESTIE  Beginnings With Baer TO SEE!!!

How do you feel about daily five? Any tips/tricks/advice?! Leave a comment and share!!!

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