Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Twin Tuesday!

So after such a long hiatus from blogging, one of my teaching besties and I decided we needed a schedule and we needed something that would be 'our thing' to do each week. Accountability is SO important.

We brainstormed a few ideas and finally came up with an awesome idea: TWIN TUESDAY!

The whole twin idea came from the fact that Beginnings with Baer and I are actually twins. I mean, minus a few years, we are identical! Our parents promise us over and over that we are not actually twins, but the similarities don't lie, folks!!!! We have so much in common and the fact that she is my mentor only adds fire to the amazing bond we share!! Finding someone who understands your job, shares your beliefs, and does nothing but build you up can be an extremely hard thing to find. Luckily, I found it my first year!!! I can't even begin to explain how helpful, inspiring, and grateful I am to have been so fortunate :) Not only are we both teachers, but we both have the same humor, deeply rooted faith, energy, and motivation. Having someone I can text at any hour of the day to give me a boost

Enough about us!!! So Twin Tuesday, what is it??? The whole idea behind this is that we will choose a topic (ie: math workshop, literacy stations, writing samples, science, etc) and make it our Tuesday focus. We will share our lessons, activities, and glimpses into our classroom!! We will then write about it and get the viewpoint from a kindergarten class versus a first grade class. Being able to compare and contrast the skills, successes, and struggles of two different grade levels working on the same topic would serve as an amazing reflection. We are also excited to be able to share how things worked and give each other ideas on what worked best for us and what we would change.

Be sure to check out Nicole's blog at Beginnings with Baer because she ROCKS!!

We are super excited to start this Twin Tuesday blogging and would LOVE any feedback and suggestions!!

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