Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Peek at My Week!

After way too many days (okay, weeks!!) off of blogging, I am BACK and ready for some serious blogging! I let the beginning of the school year take over and am OVER using excuses on not posting. Seriously, I mean who isn't busy? This little lady is ready to get her blogging on!!

Of course the school year gets busy, but what better thing to do then SHARE the chaos with others who understand it! I am thrilled to not only have survived the first five weeks of school, but to have already seen so much growth and excitement from my kiddos! I am beyond thankful that I spent the first two weeks drilling expectations and procedures. My little rays have made me one proud teacher, and we are hardly through our first quarter :)

Some things that I have been working on including in my classroom are anchor charts, technology, and writing. I have been huge on anchor charts and building them WITH the students. I have been using a mix of sound spelling and real spelling, which has helped them with stretching out words and sounds. They have been able to connect to the topic more easily when they have this kind of visual so it will definitely be something I continue. Another thing I have been big on is technology. Not just doing our calendar on the SmartBoard, but integrating it into all subjects and allowing students to participate in it frequently. The hands on and interactive features of technology greatly improve attentiveness. In fact, because I am a big proponent of it, I am spoiling them a bit by including the computers, iPads, and iPods into our Daily Five and Math Workshop time. I am also a big fan of writing. I want my students to be extremely familiar with using writing in all of their subjects. We start the day off by writing in their journal and I try to include it in all of our lessons. I think that it is truly important to familiarize them as often as possible with writing. Even when we draw pictures, we label and work our way towards making sentences. By starting the year off with this as a focus, they will be more apt to push themselves and to be confident in their writing abilities!!

Enough about what we HAVE been doing, onto what we WILL be doing! I decided that Sundays will be my day to show you a glimpse of my week that is ahead! With a half day on Wednesday and assembly on Friday, our week will be a little funky, but I am ready to rock and roll! We are starting our two week unit on Apples, practicing our labeling and detailed pictures, and finding hidden partners to five! We are going into our full blown Daily Five (the past few weeks we have concentrated on rotating, cleaning up, and noise level) and are starting our Junior Achievement internship! We also have a Back to School Showcase that I am thrilled to get ready for! I hope to accomplish quite a few things with my little rays so that they can show off their AWESOMENESS to their parents ;) The weather has finally decided to take a chill pill (literally!) and we will be in a much more comfortable environment which will help the work ethic!

There is a little taste of what is going to be going on with Miss K's Little Rays!
What does your week have in store for you?!

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  1. Love your emphasis on writing!!! Can't wait to see them continue to grow!!!