Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Scoop: March 6

It isn't just any Sunday, it is the Sunday of a 3 day weekend! So really, it is like an extra Saturday, right ;) Anyway, today is the day to link up with Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop! I love this link up and getting to see what other awesome teachers are doing or plan to do for the week!!!

Finish Dr. Seuss plans. We are starting our Dr. Seuss two week unit and I could not be more excited!!! I cannot wait to get the room decorated and ready and all of the lessons up and started! It will be a little Seussy in Room 103!!!!! I also have to build my new organizer that will hopefully keep me prepped and ready week by week ;) ANNNND I have laundry that is long over due to get done!

I hope to get my closet reorganized for spring clothes! Love the switch out and seeing the brighter colors (I may be guilty of a very black winter wardrobe)! I also hope that I will get to be outside more! I would love to get some miles in outdoors, because everyone knows outdoor miles feel SO much better than indoor miles!!

I can't wait to get a mani and pedi with my blogging twin! Some much needed relaxation and twin time! A little pampering never hurt anyone, right ;)

Thanks for checking out my scoop!! Make sure and head back to Teaching Trio to link up and share yours!!!

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  1. Come on Spring!! Love the idea of fresh spring clothes!! And can't wait for a little pampering!!!