Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I am writing this as on a gloomy and rainy day, so the title is too perfect! I am currently creating my visual lesson plans for this coming week! With a field trip one day and a sub another, this week is bound to bring some craziness. Teaching kindergarten, that is just part of the job, am I right?! Our weeks are getting longer as the anticipation for summer continues to build which means one thing: ENGAGING LESSONS NEEDED!!

&& I plan to deliver just that! This week we are tackling the Very Hungry Caterpillar, one of my all time favorites!!We are going to start the week off with reading the story (of course!!) and talking about caterpillars and their changes. As we go into the week, we will do a book summary to help the rays use their recall & retell skills. We will do a writing activity on what we would eat if we were hungry caterpillars, create our own sponge painted caterpillar and butterfly, as well as make a book entitled: The Very Hungry Kindergartener!!! We are also celebrating Earth Day!! We are going to do a writing craft on why we love our Earth and enjoying a yummy Earth Day snack :)
Thursday will be the kickoff to our ABC Countdown fun! Starting Thursday, we will countdown our last 26 days of school highlighting a letter of the alphabet each day! Starting with Z, we will head to the Peoria Zoo for a day of fun!! We will read books and do activities related to the animals at the zoo! Each day has a focus that we will be working on. With the help of our very generous PTO, we were able to get some awesome books to help us with our letter focuses and to bring even more literature into our days! Our ABC Countdown should be a huge hit and will give my rays something to look forward to each day! I cannot wait to kick it off!

I will give all the credit for my weeks being successful to my visual plans. I love sitting down and having the exact lesson/activity that I am using ready to go. I print my materials Monday and the week is all set! It makes me feel more relaxed and focused!!

Cheers to another week in paradise :)

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