Monday, April 6, 2015

Springing into Spring!

Feeling refreshed and ready to go after a relaxing spring break in Florida, this kindergarten teacher is MORE than ready to jump back into school (and no, that is not sarcasm)! Some may call me crazy, but a week is a long enough break for me! I have too many exciting and new things to introduce to my little rays and I have to admit, I miss them JUST a tad ;)!! With the countdown at 38 days left, I have packed our last few weeks with interactive and creative lessons to keep my rays engaged and active in their learning! I know spring fever will be spreading throughout their little bodies, but that is nothing this teacher is fearful of! I am fully prepared to tackle the dreaded disease with spring themes of weather, planting, and author studies!

This week we are going to start learning about planting seeds and spring weather! I purchased adorable little pots for each table to plant and grow in the classroom. We will be keeping an interactive notebook recording our plants growth! We will be learning about spring weather through nonfiction books, poetry, and activities! I am beyond excited to get my little rays up and learning and to keep their fires lit through the last few weeks!! I am the MOST excited about starting an author study on none other than ERIC CARLE! We are going to work on sequencing, comprehension, and the illustrations in the books and putting them into different activities that require the student to be actively engaged!!

One last way we are going to keep the spring fever at bay is through our ABC COUNTDOWN!! It is just what it sounds like! The last 26 days of school, we are going to countdown Z-A celebrating the particular letter and fill that day with activities that all relate to it! For example, on F day, we will be visiting the Farm Park and on Z day we will be going to the Zoo! We will have a pizza party on P day,  Luau on L day, and play outside on O!! Two field trips and countless activities will build students engagement and keep them excited for the rest of the days to follow!

I will continue to update on the survival status of Room 103 with Spring Fever!!


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