Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paving a Way to SUCCESS!!

And we are back in full swing!!!! Coming back from Spring Break proved to be a not-so-easy transition for some little rays in room 103!! Tuesday and Wednesday were full of calm students who still seemed to be in their spring break slumber. We were successful in completing all of our work and had amazing behavior. Thankfully (maybe), I did not have to worry about them regaining their buzzing energy because when Thursday rolled around, they were back in action! And when I say back in action, I mean off of their rockers! Maybe it was the crazy, eery weather headed our way? Yeah, let's go with that! Thursday proved to be eventful as we started to take the kinders out for some chalk math and quickly retreated because of a TORNADO WARNING. Yes, you read that. We were in the process of taking our precious little babes outside as we were completely unaware of the weather reports. Thankfully we made it into our hallway and took to our tornado safety positions.

Not to brag, but I am mighty proud of how my rays did!! There was some readjusting and some booties that popped into the air a few times, but overall, they kept their bubbles in their mouth and were very mature about the situation! As soon as we were allowed to resume our day, I took my rays in and praised them for an exceptional job!! We celebrated ourselves and had a little treat. Friday, oh baby, friday. To keep it simple, let's just say we had a mini zoo in our room. Rambunctious and full of Freaky Friday symptoms, we got through what we could and decided to let our little friends run around and release some energy outside!

With less than 40 days left in the year, there are really only two modes to work on: survival and ambitious. Survival mode kicks into gear when you realize that you students have pretty much checked out of school. In their minds, it is summer. In survival mode, every day is just a day to get through hoping to accomplish a few things, but only setting the goal to get home alive. Ambitious mode (my personal preference) is the mode that kicks in at the same point, when students are checked out, but does something wonderful. In this mode, the teacher plans ENGAGING and EXCITING lessons and activities that pull the students out of their summer mindset and get them back into active learning. Now don't get me wrong, there will days where Miss K is just trying to survive, but those will be few and sparse compared to the ambitious mindset that I have activated. I sit down and outline the standards that we are working on, then I strive to work

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  1. I love that you are taking the ambitious mode!! I wouldn't have guessed anything less!!! Your little rays are lucky to have you!!