Friday, June 19, 2015

Five For Friday!

Happy Friday Teacher friends!! Excited to take part in this weeks Five For Friday linky hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching!!! It has been quite the crazy week!!!

To kick off my list, MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!! A total surprise proposal that has secretly been planned for about 2 months (only my mom knew and somehow she managed to keep a secret!!!) made this week quiiiite fun!! Now as pretty much any teacher knows, Pinterest is a lifesaver. I have probably pinned 300+ wedding related items (most having to do with my dress and sparkles for everything)! We are looking forward to a year of fun planning!!!

We have had a puppy for about 3 weeks and he is almost 6 months old! Since I was busy nannying, my grandparents volunteered to take him for his haircut. When I got back from my day at the pool, I found my pup went from a small ball of fur to a skinny little guy! I couldn't help but snicker for the evening when I looked at how different he was!!!

He went from:


I signed up for my first race of the summer! I was not planning on doing that many races because I am trying to get ready for my half marathon in September, but my mom really wanted me to join her in the Steamboat Classic 4 mile run! Hoping for warm weather!

I got a lot, I repeat A LOT, of planning and work done because we had a lot of wet weather here in Central Illinois!!! I was able to get a lot of my school year signs made and get my computer semi organized into semesters!! (Note: Semi means I still have plenty to do!)

I ordered my BLOGGER shirt! Thanks to the amazing people A Plus Images, bloggers can get their blog button design for free!! Yes, you read that right, FREE!!!!! They have the quickest service (I am talking 2 days shipping people!!!!) I cannot wait to get my shirt! I will most definitely be updating you all once I get it!!

Happy Friday to you all! And Happy Summer :)

Thank you for reading and be sure to link up!!


  1. First off, your blog is freaking adorable. I love it. Congrats to your sis and I totally want to get a t-shirt, too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good Luck on the "fun" run! You will do great!!!

  3. Your pup is cute! Our pup looks just like yours only ours is all black. :)
    Love the blog design.
    Mrs.B's Classroom Adventures

  4. That's so exciting for your sister!!! I love your blog shirt! So cute! That's so awesome that they are doing that for free!!

    Shine on in First Grade

  5. What a great tip about the T-shirts! I'll definitely need to get me one!
    The best of lucks with your race!