Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whatever Wednesday!!

Wednesday is my day to blog about...whatever I feel like!!! Last week I blogged about what I would be if I wasn't a teacher and I got awesome feedback! This week I am going to highlight my favorite spots to shop for school stuff for my classroom!!

My number one hotspot to go for any supplies I need is the Dollar Store! I practically LIVE there. I mean, I am there at least twice a week! The Dollar Store is like a hidden jackpot for teachers. From plastic ice cubes used for sight word boggle, stickers for our charts, or containers for our supplies, I couldn't live without the Dollar Store to save my butt! Check out this link from Mrs. E! for ideas on items that are amazingly useful from there :)

Store number two is...TARGET!!! A one-stop shop for all my life needs! Clothes, shoes, jewelry, PLUS an amazing dollar spot? Holla at this teacher!!! I can usually score reallllly big at the dollar spot at Target! They have quite a lot of educational material that they have introduced! I always make it a point to browse that section when I am close because you never know what goodies will be there!! Today, for instance, I happened to get number blocks, letter blocks, mini bowling sets, shape and color puzzles, and more!!! I left so happy! I would highly recommend checking out your nearest Target! Plus it's an excuse to be at the best place on Earth ;) I 

The last place that is like heaven for teachers is IKEA. Yes, the beautiful big yellow and blue sign that you see as you enter Chicago suburbs! It is a good thing that I don't live that close because I could spend days there! IKEA has amazing storage solutions and decor for your classroom that is AFFORDABLE!! They have a great deal for book boxes (5 for $1.50!!!!). I am like a dog chasing a squirrel when I am there. So many lights, so many bright colors, SO many ideas!! I am making a trip up there this weekend and the list I made for purchases is longer than a grocery list...woops!!! Check out Primary Possibilities blog for ideas on how to use IKEA for your classroom!! 

These are my top three MUST HAVE teacher stores!!! Without them my classroom would not be near as cute, fun, or organized!!!! As a teacher, not having to spend an arm and a leg to keep my room up to date and resourceful is always essential. These are three places that I have been able to save money and get QUALITY things!!! Where do you like to shop for your classroom??? 

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