Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

Is it just me or are the summer weeks FLYING by???? I am a little worried that it feels like I was just writing my last Sunday Scoop and it is already time to link up with Teaching Trio for another!!!!

This week I have many goals!!! With summer just flying by, I really need to hit the nail on the head and get my booty going so that I don't end up swamped :)

Here is my scoop!!

I am so excited to go to our Summer Reading Program to see some familiar faces and to promote the kids to keep reading over break!! I also really need to get the pile of clothes that has been waiting to go to the dry cleaners. For some reason, the two minute drive has just not happened!!! I also need to get my centers and units all sorted through so that I know what materials I have and what I need to search for aka buy from TpT ;)

I hope to read all the books that I picked up from the library! I love love love to read, but get so sidetracked! I find myself getting roped into ten hours of Fixer Upper (don't get me wrong, OBSESSED with the show and kind of want to be Joanna) instead of putting my nose in a book! Might need to tone down the time I spend pretending I am a Gaines and more time solving mysteries in a book! I also am hoping that I will be able to get my workouts in OUTSIDE. I love running outside but the rain is kind of cramping my style!!! If the weather forces me in, I at least need to get my workouts in at the gym!

I would love to find the sun. Seriously. Where the heck did the big ball of fire go?? I think out of the days we have had off so far, the sun has only showed its warm face about five times. I am a girl who likes the HEAT so Mr. Sun is welcome back ANYTIME. If you know where he is hiding, FIND HIM AND BRING HIM TO ME. Kidding...Actually no, I am in desperate need of some rays!

Thanks for reading my scoop! Don't forget to link up :) Can't wait to read what you all are doing this week!!!!


  1. I love your blog Molly!! So bright and cheerful!! I need to organize center things as well especially the ones I will be using when we go back to school! This summer is FLYING by!! Thanks for sharing your scoop!

  2. I know what you mean about the rain! It was so rotten this week in Ohio but today has turned out to be spectacular. Here's sending good weather vibes your way so you can get out and enjoy!

  3. You crack me up with your "pretending to be a Gaines" comment!! I love your list!!! I have no doubt, you will rock it!!! AND yes, where is that ball of fire??????????????????