Thursday, June 25, 2015

Donor's Choose!

Throughout my year of teaching, I found so many ideas for resources that I wanted to use in my room. There was a problem though: money (or lack there of). I wanted to be able to provide the BEST for my students and heard through the grapevine about Donors Choose!! What an AWESOME idea!! I looked at some projects that had been posted and instantly started doing some research on what kind of resources I would want to ask for. I put all of this on the back burner for awhile when things got busy, but towards the end of the year, I remembered the SPARK that I had felt and decided to get back into it! So with that came my first project proposal!!

I had a lot of students this past year who had a hard time staying in their seats (hard to believe, right??). Anyway, I have been working on finding a resource that would be useful to students who have these kind of attention issues. I found Wobble Chairs and fell in love instantly. Not only do these chairs offer support for the student, but they move and are subtle (as to not distract others) which would help in SO many ways! After finishing my first year, I am so ready to start year two off STRONG, organized, and ready to kick some butt!! To do this as efficiently as I would like, I hope to get my project sponsored so that that my little babes are able to be successful!

My little rays who need to move are not trouble makers. They are not uninterested. They are not bad seeds. They are not the bad stigmas that some teachers who don't like to make adjustments might use. They ARE five year olds. They are here to learn. They are not able to control their bodies. They deserve MY help in anyway that it can be used. So I have started a project to get four of these Wobble Chairs in my classroom to see their benefits!! I would ABSOLUTELY love the ability to supply my classroom with 25 of them, but decided to start a little at a time and use them for small group.

Please take a look at my site, tell me any suggestions you have, and SHARE with anyone who you think would be interested!!! Also let me know, what would YOU want for your classroom??? From one teacher to another, every bit counts :)

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  1. I have one of those and my students LOVE it!! I have a lot of different seating options in my room, but the wobble chair is probably their favorite. I really hope your project gets funded!!! Projects under $500 usually do pretty well, so I'd say you have a good chance!

    Shine on in First Grade