Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donors Choose: Bringing Technology into the Classroom!

I always say to challenge myself...
So I am taking some risks!!! I decided that this year, I really want to aid my students in every way possible, therefore, I have teamed up with Donor's Choose to get some iPads for my classroom! As a second year teacher, I am seeking the help of others to make my students and my own dreams come true!

If you haven't heard of Donor's Choose, check out the link! It is an amazing organization that sponsors teachers in requests for classroom needs. They find people who are willing to donate their money to support teachers across the world!!

I am so thrilled to have this chance to bring technology into my room! I have so many ideas that I want to use these iPads for. For example, I received a year subscription to Showbie and would be able to use these iPads for center assignments as well as assessments! My students would be able to listen to stories, practice reading and math, and take AR tests. Students would be able to become independent as well as completely engaged.

My goal this year is to keep my students actively engaged and excited to learn. Through having these iPads available for centers, I am hoping to be very successful with my goal!

Please visit my Donor's Choose page : Bringing Technology into the Classroom!!

And share with anyone you think would be up for donating :) Any amount is appreciated!! For SEVEN days, every dollar donated will be DOUBLED!!!! That's right, even the smallest amount will be :)


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  1. Donated! DC has helped my classroom in many ways! Always good to give back!