Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Celebrating!

So excited to be linking up with Kellee from Stomping Through First for Sunday Celebration! What a fun idea to reflect on your past week's celebrations!

This Sunday I am celebrating my FRUGAL FRIDAY pickups! My teaching bestie and I set aside a day to spend shopping for our classrooms. We had only three catches: comfy shoes, coupons, and CASH ONLY! We are working on keeping a budget and not spending hundred and hundreds of dollars on our classroom. We set a time limit of 3 hours and started our hunt!! 

Our first stop (besides getting our caffeine) was to the School House (our locally owned teacher supply store). Luckily, we each had gift cards with some good amounts of money that I walked out without spending any of my own money! I got some borders, stamps, pocket charts, and adorable mini file folders!

Next stop was the JoAnn's for some fabric for our bulletin boards! We got our fabric for $1.99 a yard AND had a 25% off the ENTIRE purchase! I bought 16 yards of fabric, ribbon, and 6 pounds of PolyFil stuffing for under $40!

At Party City, I got some lanterns to a hang and some tissue paper (under 10 dollars) and then we were on our way to Hobby Lobby! They had 1/2 off of ribbon and I have a SUPER fun project that I am making so I STOCKED up :) Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my Made It Monday ;)

Our final two stops were Walmart and the Dollar Tree! We went into Walmart and let's just say we made it clear we were teachers. Our cart had 8+ boxes of crayons (.50 cents), 80+ notebooks (.17 cents), markers, tubs, erasers, pencils, and I even got a backpack for fieldtrips because it was screaming my name (cheetah is my FAVORITE). Walking out with all of those goods for just $52 was a STEAL!!!! We walked our CELEBRATING!!! The Dollar Store was suffering a broken air conditioner so we made it a really quick in and out stop so that we could maintain  a normal oxygen level. I grabbed some cute containers for crayon boxes at our tables!

All in all, we had an AMAZING Frugal Friday and there is a lot to Celebrate this Sunday! Both of us are so excited and ready to start the decorating phrase of our classroom transformation! Make sure to check back to see all of these amazing finds come to life in the classroom!!

Thanks for reading about my Celebration Sunday!! Don't forget to link up and share your awesome week!!!


  1. You're so good keeping to a budget. I say I will do it every year and I always break it. My husband says I'm making us "teacher poor" bc I buy way too much stuff for my classroom. 😀 you got some super cute stuff!!!

    1. It is SO hard to stay on budget!! I bought a little book from Michaels that I am trying to use to help with that! I went through my stuff from last year and had SO much I didn't use so I am trying to remember that :)

  2. Wow! Sounds like a similar post of mine!! Thanks for a fun day!!!

  3. Sounds like such a good idea!!! I definitely need to follow your system-I always go WAY over budget!! Thanks for linking up! Looking forward to reading your Monday Made It post tomorrow :)