Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sunday Scoop 7/26/15

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!! Time to link up with the Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop!!

 Catch a glimpse at my upcoming week and share yours!!!

Have to do:
*We got an email on this week that made me WAY to excited! We are allowed to go back into our classroom THIS WEEK!!!!! I am heading in first thing Monday at 7 am to unpack my car and get started setting up my room! I cannot wait!!! I have so much to do (I obviously have a list and schedule started)!!
*I also need to finish printing and laminating my classroom decor! I decided that this year I was going to create all of my decor myself. It was a lot of labor, but SO worth it! I can't wait to hang everything up and see it come together!
*After a summer full of sitting inside and creating things due to weather and then the occasional pool day, I am finishing my nannying this week! It was fun while it lasted, but this girl is ready to get her head back into the game!

Hope to do:
*I hope to get a manicure and pedicure to pamper myself a little bit after my summer of nannying and before I start to get too stressed from unpacking and setting up my room!
* I also hope to get my pants to the dry cleaner. I live less than two miles away but for some reason, the pants are still sitting in my car!

Happy to do:
*I am happy ECSTATIC to help celebrate my little Beyonce/cherry blossom/pretty princess/Haitian Sensation/ JOEY! After only a few short months in the United States, my little girl is turning 3!! She has blossomed so much and is such a character! I am lucky and blessed to be able to be a part of this girls life and can't help but thank Beginnings with Baer for letting me be involved!!!

Don't forget to link back up!! I can't wait to read what is happening for your week!


  1. I hope you get a pedicure, it is part of my happy to enjoy my last week of summer.

  2. I'm a first year preschool teacher this year!! Isn't it SO fun and exciting getting everything ready!!! Good Luck to you! I cant wait to see your classroom!!

  3. I love getting the classroom ready at the start of the year! Well done on making all the decor for your class yourself - it's so worth it in the end and saves a fortune! Have a great year - i'm sure you'll love it!

    Teaching Autism

  4. I have to make lots of lists too in order to keep me on track when setting up my room! If not, I have found myself turning around in circles staring at everything and wondering where to start!! I hope you are able to get your room all set up, I know that's a HUGE relief!! I can totally understand how time consuming and yet how rewarding creating your own classroom decor can be! With a theme like dragons, a girl has to make her own stuff!! I hope you're able to enjoy what summer you have left, and I can't wait to see your classroom all set up!!
    Have a wonderful week my friend!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  5. Way to go for making your own classroom decor! Please post pics when you're all done! Can't wait to see it!!
    Is Joey the girl you nanny??

    Have fun with your week!

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press

  6. It is fun getting everything ready!!! Now let's hope for cooler temps and a great BIRTHDAY week!!!