Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

Happy Sunday my teacher friends!!!!!! Am I the only one on a social media high??? This past week has kind of been a blur as I have been diving into all things techy: instagram/twitter/facebook/periscope!! Let me just take a minute to say how genuinely awesome making connections is :) I am floating on a cloud of happiness right now!!!

I am linking up Teaching Trio with for Sunday Scoop!! Take a peek at my week!!

Have to do:
-I have to get my car cleaned. I have done a pretty good job with my keeping it clutter free, but with nannying I need to vacuum it out and wipe it down!!
-I have to do laundry (The pile is getting a little crazy!!!) 
-I also have to finish getting my classroom setup plan done! I have a lot of my details planned and just have a few minor things to figure out!!

Hope to do: 
-I hope to do another periscope because CMON they are amazing!!!! There is something that goes with showing your face that is kind of uplifting and a weight off of your shoulder. I have been able to watch some AMAZING teachers on this app and totally recommend it if you don't have it yet! Huge shoutout to Angie from Lucky Little Learners and Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd for kicking it off!! 
-I also hope to get my hair done! I am ready to add a bit more blonde to it. Loving the ombré effect (I know I am a little late to the trend!!)

Happy to:
-I would LOVE to make more connections!! Meeting and collaborating with other motivated teachers is so refreshing and inspiring!! Makes my heart oh so happy!!

Thank you for taking a peek at my week!!! Don't forget to go link up!!


  1. Could you please come clean my car after yours? It is almost as bad as doing laundry.

  2. Oh my gosh- I am all about Periscope too right now!!! I haven't posted anything- mostly watching like a complete stalker (lol), but it's so much fun!! Don't worry- you're not the only one who was late on the Ombre trend- I got mine done at the end of the year and yea let's just say....I was getting ombre while others were starting this whole "sombre" trend....maybe I'll join that trend towards the end also. :) Happy Sunday!!

  3. First I have to say, your blog is so stinking cute!! Lindsey did a great job!! Ok, now on to your post :)

    I have been obsessing over Periscope all weekend! Like Marisa, I have just been stalking though lol I am following you on there so I can't wait to see your next post! I am loving making all of these connections too! Meeting new people has definitely been my favorite part about becoming more active on social media!

  4. So excited to have found you from #kindertribe! I'm finding so many fun link up's and posts this past week!

    I, too, have been on a social media high this week! So many new friends from our hastag...and I've met some awesome people in a twitter chat earlier this week . It's awesome!

    I'm still so skeptical about makes me nervous that just anybody can watch a broadcast. Are you planning on using it in your classroom, too??

  5. Laundry why is it never ending?!?!? I am loving periscope as well it is to much fun!! Can't wait for your next broadcast! Our #kindertribe is the best and I am looking forward to what the future holds for our tribe!! Have a great Sunday.

  6. I have been OBSESSED with social media this week. I am loving Periscope - can't wait for your broadcast. I'm just wondering - WHAT are we all going to do when school starts back and that little bird doesn't twee from my phone every 15 minutes?
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